Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drill of Geography for SNMPTN Pack 3

Who hasn't heard of National Geographic? Despite being called "national," this publication has had a world-renowned reputation. With the National Geographics TV channel contributing to its popularity, people everywhere use it as a resource for history, culture, archaeology, sociology, biology, architecture and physical science on top of its foremost trademark field - geography. National Geographics Magazine goes far beyond what people expect - an educational magazine for people of all ages: adults, kids and little ones (preschoolers).

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National Geographics for adults contain interesting, broad-ranging and fascinating articles about various topics mentioned previously. Coupled with articles are fantastic pictures to demonstrate the topics. National Geographics features fantastic photography. From urban to rural areas, from the civilized to the most exotic to the most desolate of locations, from happy events to disastrous ones, from home to the professional life, and religious and beyond, these people cover almost every bit of information of every aspect of this world. The photographic as well as journalistic excellence of National Geographics is truly undeniable.
You can offer your child a sneak peak of what the rest of the world has to offer with National Geographic for Kids and Little Kids. Issues of this magazine is filled with fantastic journeys to different places, events, and cultures around the world. The information is presented in a very inviting and interesting manner, with lively photographs to supplement engaging stories, with interactive learning games that will get your child hooked in an instant. It provide fresh and imaginative tools to help your child get a more comprehensive view about the world.
National Geographic Kids and Adults will allow your little ones to explore nature, animals and science through stories, experiments, and activities to cultivate learning. With the multitude of interested facts, this magazine can help your child learn something new everyday. National Geographic Kids have earned the award of "Periodical of the Year." Every issue comes with collector trading cards with facts that will encourage your child to think deep, learn and question.
Dare yourself and your kids to explore the world with subscription to National Geographic magazine.

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