Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drill of Geography for SPMB Unsoed

The forex market is a global market with the highest volume of transactions compared to other capital markets. You can trade forex 24 hrs a day and during most of the week (in fact you can trade forex 5.5 days of the week). Trading just stops during the weekend, but not the whole weekend. Trading restarts Sunday evening thanks to the worldwide distribution of the main currency markets. It's like a global race where the post is passed hand to hand from east to west in such a way that you are never left without a market open to trade along the day.
The trading day starts in New Zealand and then follows Australia, the Middle East, Europe and America. The major forex markets are London, New York and Tokyo.

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As a forex trader you should always be looking for placing your trades at the times of major activity in the market so you can use your technical indicators during defined trends and have a much higher probability of having profitable trades.
With this in mind, by now you should be asking what the schedule is of the forex markets around the world. This schedule can be divided like this:
New York : 8 am - 4 pm EST
London: 2 am - 12: pm EST
Tokyo: 8 pm - 4 am EST
Australia: 7 pm - 3 am EST
From this schedule you can easily see that there are two times during the day when the major markets overlap; between 2am and 4am EST (Tokyo/London) and between 8am to 12pm EST(London/New York).

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