Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drill of Geography UN Exam Pack 5

How many minutes would it take you to identify Bhutan on a world map without names, only borders? How about Djibouti? Or Slovenia?
Don't worry, you aren't alone. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of other people struggle with geography. Once you've graduated from school and settled into your career, no one starts asking uncomfortable questions like, "What's the capital of Lithuania?", until your kids hit third or fourth grade.

Download Drill of Geography UN Exam - Senior High School Social Program

Drill of UN 2011, Download Question and Download Solutions

It isn't awfully hard to get rusty.
Tutoring? Yeah, right! But a boring book or audio set that you'll never look at again?
Why waste the money?
Just visit Yahoo! Kids and go to the Yahooligans! Games section. Here, you'll find lots of adult friendly games to take you from being a geography novice to a quick-witted geography genius! With easy graphics, a timer (conveniently there to keep you competing with your best runs), and a three-miss allowance, you'll be sure to remember all of those geography lessons you'd forgotten. Chose from....
*Capital Field Guide (USA): Where you identify states and capitals of the USA
*Where In the World Is?: Match country names to their outlined borders on continental maps (a total of 8)
*World Capitals: For the true hardcore geography buffs.
*US State Detectives: Refresher in North American states and borderlines.
Not only will you love these games, you'll learn too.

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