Monday, February 28, 2011

Soal Geografi Simak UI 2010

It is a very interesting industry, if you think about it. Much of it still remains arcane for the common man, and trends that emerge and are eventually replaced never really feel like a big deal to most of us. However, if you look back, you might be able to appreciate the change that this has bought about to the human race. In fact, better understanding the global fashion industry might make you appreciate how important this particular industry is. There are a lot of factors that go into molding this industry, some of which are discussed below.

Local atmosphere
Depending on how the local atmosphere might be, this is too tends to take the same image. Even culture plays a big role here, and the resulting fashion will be heavily influenced by the designer's culture and heritage. As one might witness in fashion industries around the world, many of the creations are a direct result of the cultural influence of that particular region. This is a common phenomenon observed in the global industry.

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Economic Conditions
It is the end of the day, is yet another industry. Hence, it follows that money makes a big presence in this industry and the lack of which, will clearly affect the industry. High profile designers are constantly looking out for emerging and profitable markets. A city that might be considered as the hot seat today might immediately lose face tomorrow if the economy can't keep up with the industry.
External Influences
In this industry, nothing is considered to be a "copy". Designs and styles tend to be inspired, and not copied directly. Hence, with the global fashion industry, the fact that outside styles and designs are bound to influence less important fashion industry magazines cannot be neglected. This is an industry that thrives to remain familiar with differences. External influences are an everyday occurrence and cannot be neglected. People are bound to try and change the way things are, but eventually, the best style will be that of the more powerful industry.
Thus, one can actually assume the global fashion industry to be more of a united industry. Much of the factors that influence the global industry are normally those that emerge from familiar industries. These are the things that are worth noticing for and essentially dictate how the industry tends to be. Not only does this industry change regularly, it actually is a requirement that it change as often as possible. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when analyzing from a global perspective. In a world that is growing ever more globalized by the minute, it is important to have a basic understanding of geography. Many folks find that they have not taken a geography course since middle school or high school, and, as a consequence, are getting to be a little fuzzy in the geography department. The good news is, that in the age of the internet, it is now possible to be able to brush up on geography without too much extra effort. Instead of enrolling in an expensive course or paying a private tutor, it is now possible to learn geography online for very little effort. Having a satellite internet connection will only make it easier to be able to get the geographic information that you need to learn more about geography.

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