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Soal Geografi UN SMA 2008

Geography for kids is essential. Geography consists of the study of our planet, the various land forms, climatic conditions and cultures of each region. It encompasses a wide knowledge base. Therefore, geography can help kids expand their knowledge.
There are easy ways you can make kids enjoy geography. Geography for kids can actually become fun. Geography games help kids not only get good grades at school but also develop an interest in the subject. They can fascinate kids and interest them in the vastness and diversity of our planet!

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Before you start looking for good geography games, we recommend that you get a globe that your kid can put in her bedroom. A globe is a great gift by the way. Not only can it help decorate your child's bedroom, it can get your kid excited and spending hours rotating it. You will see your child get interested in spotting countries and cities on a world map!
By the way, maps can be fun and they can easily be transformed into geography games. For example, you can use practice maps in the following way: get a magazine (for instance National Geographic), ask your kid to cut and paste an appropriate image from the magazine on each of the five continents. For instance, a koala bear in Australia, a giraffe in Africa, or the Empire State Building in New York. You can hang the final map in your child's bedroom wall decoration. This is another way to make geography for kids fun.
World jigsaw puzzles can be played at an early age. If the puzzle seems a bit complicated, you can help your kid solve the geography puzzle game. Don't hesitate to use glue as the puzzle, once completed, can be hung in your child's bedroom wall. Your child can then look at the completed puzzle with a sense of pride. He will also have a nice decorative map in his bedroom.
Geography board games are fun and they can be played at home by all the family, for instance during a rainy Saturday afternoon. Kids can also spend hours playing these geography board games. In one single afternoon they can dramatically expand their knowledge. By playing geography board games, your kid will tell you about every capital city in Europe!
Geography flash cards are pedagogical and they can help your kid get interested in learning about geography facts. There are many flash cards available at any department store, for instance some that include names of countries or states, with names of capitals and interesting territory facts. Usually flash card games feature a set of problem and answer cards. Geography for kids can also mean playing video games. As a parent you may be reluctant about video games. Actually some geography video games can be a great way for kids to learn about geography. Kids can learn about cities, states and countries all while having fun. Therefore, if you are looking for a video game for your kid, a video game with a geography focus can be a great idea.

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